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How to be Happy? Find joys in the simplicity of life, lessons I learned from the 'Flying witch'.

We live in the social media golden age. People’s seemingly fantastic lives are put on display for the world to see. We see the highs and the enjoyment of life but never the lows. It is easy to feel that we are not enjoying life because we don’t have a nice house, or go on holidays to Bali, or have the latest German Whip. However, these are materialistic items that will forever leave us chasing for more.

I think if we really thought about day to day moments that genuinely made us happy; it is the small simple moments that we can remember the most. In the face of hard times and stressful situations, whilst materialistic items can make us feel special, it is the simpler things that really get people through hard and stressful times. ‘The Flying witch’ is an anime that highlighted this feeling to me.

The story revolves around 15-year-old Makoto Kowata who is a professional witch, taking life as it comes filled with its magical surprises. Having left her life in Yokohama, she begins life with her relatives in Aomori to train as a witch.  The series has an easy pace and an atmosphere of happiness in the simple life. The anime falls under the category of slice of life and has an easy-going story with no central plot but a lot of events throughout the story.

There are many funny and endearing moments and you tend to feel warm inside. The same feeling happens when you are simply happy spending time laughing, meeting friends, joking with family. One of the striking features of this show is the ability to neatly create a magical realism where the supernatural and mundane run alongside each other.  Even the flying seems natural and normal. The first time Makoto meets her new friend Nao is after she flies her little cousin Chinatsu on a broomstick. Taking away the magical element of the show. This is much like life. Every day is filled with surreal, funny or fleeting moments. They are memorable and coincide with what seems like the monotony of life. This anime simply shows the joys of life and its amusing moments with a calming effect and a dash of magic. Just like this anime, take time to really revel in the small moments that make you smile. Laugh a little harder, smile a little wider, hug with warmth and love the life you have. You don’t get another one, and it’s certain that it will fly by in the blink of an eye.