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Plus Ultraa! My Hero Academia: The 3 major keys for chasing your dreams.

Life can feel like a rat race because there is so much pressure to achieve our goals on a timeline constructed by society. Sometimes, other people’s achievements can make your own accomplishments feel insignificant. 

It can be hard to stay positive and focus on your aspirations but no one can plan out your success.. It is easy to become disheartened when dreams seem far away in the distance. 

I am in my twenties now and it often feels like I will never achieve my goals. Every Saturday without fail I watch an anime called My Hero Academia. It dawned on me, that this anime was very relevant to my struggle to stay positive about achieving my dreams. 

Deku Smash! (Just like you've got to smash those dreams)

My Hero Academia is the tale of 14-year-old Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoryia. The anime is based in a world where the majority of the population has superhuman powers known as Quirks’. However, Deku is Quirk-less. In this world, people aspire to use their quirks to become Heroes. Despite Deku having no quirk he is determined Hero. 

Here are the three major keys that helped Deku chase his dreams on the path of becoming a Hero. 

1. Determination is everything, don’t let rejection stop you.  

In the first episode of the anime All-might, who was Deku’s idol and the charismatic ‘symbol of peace’, shatters his hopes and dreams.  All-Might informs Deku of the harsh reality of being quirk-less and what this means for his dream of becoming a Hero. However, after he is given this information, his childhood friend and rival, Katsuki Bakugo, is taken hostage by a villain. Despite having no powers and only being in middle school. It is the moment where his instinct kicked in and he knew there was only one thing he had to do. He was determined to save Kacchan.

Through his heroic act, All-might recognizes his unwavering determination and gives him the chance of a lifetime. In life, we will hear a lot of No. It might be from Job opportunities, proposals, exam results, etc. Hearing the word, 'no' can be discouraging but it is important to define what no means to you. Are you going to run from your passion? Or turn that No into a Yes?  You can’t let rejection stop you from crafting a future you want and desire above all else. Determination means being firm about goals you want to achieve and not letting anything or anyone stop you from attaining it. 

2. Know your strengths (and work on them).

Deku’s quick thinking and witty mind is one of his greatest assets and throughout the anime these skills help himself, his classmates, friends and teachers out of some very serious situations.  Deku continuously studies and analyzes every quirks he comes across, making sure to write them down in his treasured notebook. When you love what you do you will work the hardest to hone your skills. Learn to use your gifts to your advantage and tailor them to your goals. Go above and ‘Go beyond!’

3.Believe in yourself!

This anime is still on-going. In a more recent episode, you can see how far Deku has come by simply believing in himself more and his abilities. The stage was set for him to show what he can really do, and make a borrowed Quirk his own. We all have opportunities given to us, similar to Deku. What matters is how you shape the opportunity and make it your own. To do this, it is important to stay positive, have confidence and believe in yourself. 

My Hero Academia is an intense anime that depicts how important it is to believe in your goals. The main character faces many problems and although he is sometimes confused about what to do, he never loses hope.  No matter what you may face or how others doubt your abilities, believing in yourself and staying positive can make any goal achievable. Check out My Hero Academia for a dose of encouragement!

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